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“Three Word Answers - Not as easy as you might think…”
(courtesy of Krups)
1. Where is your cell phone? In my bag
2. Boy/girlfriend? Either will do.
3. Your hair? Is a bush
4. Your mother? Taking a siesta
5. Your father? Shouted at me
6. Your favourite item? I don’t know
7. Your dream last night? Finding a table.
8. Your favourite drink? Vanilla lychee martinee
9. Your dream car? Forgot its name
10. The room you are in? study – a hole.
11. Your ex's? in outer space.
12. Your fear? Just being ordinary.
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Vain trophy wife.
14. Who did you hang out with last night? Family, cat, wimbledon.
15. What you're not? Sporty, athletic, healthy.
16. Muffins? Not really, thankyou.
17. One of your wish list items? Tiffany bracelet, silver.
18. Time right now? In the mid-afternoon,
19. What was the last thing you did? Just had lunch
20. What are you wearing? Old clothes, pjs.
22. Your favourite book? By Garcia Marquez.
23. The last thing you ate? Sticky rock lollies.
24. Your life? Is shitting me.
25. Your mood? Not very good.
26. Your friends? Seeing them tomorrow
27. What are you thinking about right now? My shitty life.
28. Your car? In the sun.
29. What are you doing at the moment? This of course.
30. Your summer? Long time ago.
31. Your relationship status? Remind me not.
32. What is on your tv? Oprah, Dr.Phil
33. When was the last time you laughed? Not long ago
34. Last time you cried? Not long ago.
35. School? You mean uni?
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My Pet Peeves

1. People who don’t know how to spell s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e. darling – it’s not seperate! Separate comes from the Latin paro, parare, meaning to prepare + se (meaning apart, by itself) So in latin, separate means to prepare something separately!

Similarly, if you did latin you will never misspell occurrence: You won't write itas "occurance" since you know it's derived from the Latin "currere" (to run).
Look who’s laughing now after 6 years of Latin! (and it is not dead)

2. Rainy days. The exception to this rule is when you’re in bed with a book.
3. People leaning against the pole on a crowded train.
4. People who do all their readings but pretend they haven’t.
5. dropping my contacts in the morning, so I have to re-wash them, and as a consequence making me miss my train.
6. Finding the very coat you brought full price is now on sale.
7. 8 or 9am starts at uni.
8. Carpet! I dislike carpet.
9 Unpunctual people. Hint hint Junny!

My rat lab and my lab partner.
I really like my lab partner because….she looks like Dorothy! She dresses like Dorothy, acts like Dorothy, she even has the same hair style as Dorothy. We’ve decided to name our rat Fatty. Contrary to her name, she is not obese; we just wish her to be heavier as it’ll be easier for her to acquire the lever press, since her body weight would just press down on the lever.

Maria and Mary’s B’day party.
When the syd girls get together it’s always a smash! We had dinner at Viva Vita (Live life – kind of reminds me of live and let live…) and then I got a lift home from Maria – it was a fun joyride as we dropped al (or ow!) off at Ryde. Thankyou Maz!

Other Misc
I have the very old black and white DVD of Wuthering Heights! And I love it! Not so much the acting – but the movie has made me want to read the book once more – and now I do see that perhaps it does surpass Romeo and Juliet. There you go – I admit it! However, I stand by my argument that it does not mean that it’s the ULTIMATE love story.

I have also bought ‘A room with a view’ – and I’m nearly finished with it. If only I could devour my law texts in the same manner.
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what goes around - JT
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Guess who gets 4 days of uni and late starts?? That’s right moi! (fabulous moi). However am not very used to an actually functioning brain, and after just two lectures I was exhausted. Not too happy today as I just found out that the lazy law fac has added approximately 3 textbooks to our reading lists, making this semester’s textbook costs an all time high at a little over 500. Bye bye Alannah Hill cardigan. But the fact that they decided on our textbooks so late is just plain annoying. The co – op lines are so long that you wouldn’t expect to be able to reach the registers in an hour. And they expect us to read 80 + pages for our first seminar when the textbooks are released on the first day? I am not joking. For tomorrow I have to read a case that is 51 pages long. Seriously? Are they crazy?

So what have I been up to? Well, you can read about our SPOCing experience in Nancy’s blog. Scavenger hunt was probably one of the more stand out events with the SPOCs doing interpretive dances for ‘longest daisy chain’ ‘sea-horse drawn carriage’ ‘one handed applause (we slapped each other’s butts) and a ‘four leaf clover’. Other hightlights include the twisted delights and Vien getting soaking wet and whipped creamed.

Me, Nancy and Carrie (and hence in association Junny) have decided to go to Melbourne at the end of the year/beginning of the next to watch the Aus Open (and shop). Nancy’s reason is that we should see Marat Safin before he retires, mine is to see Nadal (Yes kylie! Are you still obsessed? It’s such a shame that no one shares our excellent taste in men!) Gosh. So much stuff has happened that I really don’t know what to type next. My mind is not very coherent today. I saw heaps of ppl at uni today though! That was fun.

So the fab four’s back together and kicking (and we’re going to the ballet on the 9th of April!), uni’s starting, and as always I miss you guys. A special shoutout to Anne! Happy 19th darl!
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4 in the morning - Gwen Stefani
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i've forgotten how awful it felt to be sick! so here i am, with a thermometer sticking out of my mouth, and suffering from asphyxiation. My nose is blocked and i can't breathe theough my mouth as the said thermometer would fall out. Woke up at 2am yesterday and couldn't get to sleep until 5. Apart from that, everything is just peaches!seeing y'all at the beach was the highlight of my holidays!Sorry, i can't keep this up any longer (the thermometer is slipping)
. Over and out
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Hey guys

Inspired by all the lurker turned updater posts, i am coming out of my hole. So. I guess that I've finally got the hang of this thing called 'uni'. 'Uni' which consists of nine am starts, 3/4/5 pm finishes, stressful assignments, and the City Rd bus line push. Sounds notoriously like high school doesn't it? I guess that i do get a lot more free time though, free time spent having monday and friday lunch with junny, nancy, high school friends, and of course something to do on the weekends. Unfortunately, stupid me has to work from 3 - 7 on Friday nights and therefore can't make it to the SGHSforever things. I should've just said that i was busy! Weel apart from uni, i guess that many of you didn't know that i went to China straight after my exams. So now you know! It was extremely humid and hot and i didn't really do much at all. We also had a world cup sleepover during the hols. Although i missed the Zidnae headbutt because i slept thorugh extra time, assuming that nothing exciting ever happens during extra time. Just shows how dangerous assumptions can be! Anyway, i will keep you guys updated.
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hey everyone!

happy b'day to nance n caz (which was yesterday)!
anyway we had a great time and for all of you who didn't come...you missed out on a very nice cake! anyway, nancy got shouted thai and cake at newtown by her pharm friends. Then we all went kara at greenbox plus, then equilibrium (where we met caz and her optom friends) then soeul-ria (yum) and then back to kara, (which i didn't go). i do hope that everyone had fun!

Apart from that i ahve a 3000 word law essay, and a heap of other BORING stuff i have to do. More interesting aspects of uni in the last week was learning how to play 500, playing snap with a REALLY hot guy...(and i also got to slap him cos he lost), and of course shopping with sarah. Oh and listening to Justice Kirby! Who is, according to junny, the rock star of law.(junny also came to our lecture)

I have gotten used to uni, and now that i have ppl to be with for evry second of the day....the semes is ending....
oh well.

Loving you always,
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gah...i'm sick and i have a presentation on modern international law today.

My throat hurts

i'm scared that she'll ask me questions which i don't know the answer to.

My printer ran out of ink while i was printing handouts for the class.

But seriously, it is interesting.

recently i've taken to sleeping in Fisher library. I'm such a sad ass.

I'll see you all tomorrow!!!! opps, i mean on Friday.

(can't wait)



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sick but getting better....
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I'm soo tired. I don't even know why. LAck of sleep certainly, but i've gone with this amount of sleep like this b4 and i wasn't this tired. I guess the loong hours of uni are to blame. Like lily, i am also soo tired and fed up with studying. I'm hating the science part. it's taking so much energy and it's stressing. I'm only doing it because of psyc. I can't until next year when i can drop the useless (meths, chem) subjects and just do psyc and law. I'm so scared that i'm not doing as well in any of my subs becasue i don't have time to study them AT ALL.

and social obligations are great, but tiring as well....

my lecturer is getting really suss cos i'm always typing!


Luv, ST

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Law school, legal research
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hey guys i'm in legal research!!!!

I think that an update is looooooooong overdue

look for one maybe tomorrow!

After this I'm going to a law thing next door to get a FREE!! rose petal martini and then run away with it (before the obligations to socialise arise) mwhaha...sounds good eh?

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Usyd law school library level 7
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groggy groggy
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my lecturer lecturing
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WOW! It's been so long since i've updated - thnx to my crappy home computer! But now i get free internet access again! anyhow - how's everyone???? As for me, well....I feel like there's such a big difference between my "good days" and "bad days". I think i understand what Vazza referred to when she said that we were going out into "the big sea" (or smthing like that) instead of out "fishpond". I feel that there are now too many factors that can affect my mood...sniff. If i don't get my daily dose of Sydney Girlers, i can feel really down. But yea, i have made some new friends - but it's hard when you only see them like twice a week. Besides, the people in my science course seems to be filled with two categories of people : the nerds that aren't even smart; and the "cool" ones think that they're too cool for "nerds" like me.

I think that it will get easier.


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